Thursday, November 29, 2018

Non-Jewish Music

Part of an extracurricular shiur to girls at YBH. My inexperience with recording with the phone. Sorry the rest of the shiur wasn't captured. But this part is pretty much complete and self-contained.


  1. 1.Don't be so hard on yourself regarding the recording thing. For a first try it was very good. The video wasn't shaky at all and the audio quality was high.
    2.How would you define what's a good and bad tune? To give two examples are these two good or bad?

    1. Yes, but the phone screen went blank, and evidently when I brought it back I also turned off the tape.

  2. On a different topic, I saw a post on WebChaver's site which claimed that it was "extremely difficult to bypass (even for techies)". (It noted that attempts to uninstall or bypass are reported) I honest to God don't know what planet they're on. Even if I didn't just delete the files from a live linux USB(All I'd have to do is boot from USB,open the terminal,navigate to the directory and run rm -rf on it and clean up whatever's left when I reboot into Windows) all I'd have to do is use a live environment or hell a windows install disk or usb (all of which I know how to safely download online and know how to burn to USB) and rename the program folder to some nonsense which'll prevent it from launching and then switch it back when I'm done with the private business.Bypassed just like that.
    I'm honestly LMAOROTFL at that right now. (Although I'm pretty advanced in my computer skills so this may not be so fair to them.)

  3. Here's something to show those naysayers who claim that no Yidden were ever enslaved in Egypt

  4. You may find this interesting
    The Greek Megilla adds on 107 pesukim and makes a bunch of edits to the text. (Interestingly, this also demonstrates that the supplementary hypothesis isn't ridiculous.)

  5. This is concise and well put. Thanks for sharing Rebbe!

  6. Interesting: