Sunday, January 10, 2021

Rischa D'Araisa Season 2 Episode 19: Facing up to the Insurrection Facts - Perspectives of Rebbitzen Bechhofer

Rischa D'Araisa Season 2 Episode 19: Facing up to the Insurrection Facts - Perspectives of First Lady Bechhofer - Humble Condemnations paired with a Reckoning of conscience

The program begins with a short tribute to Rav Yehudah Kelemer Zt"l, who passed away Erev Shabbos, with Rabbi Bechhofer highlighting his unmatched humility and middos and dedication to kiruv which obscured the niftar's greatness in lomdus and Halacha.

Rabbi Kivelevitz notes how Rav Kelemer's psakim and example led to the acceptance and respect for many heretofore marginalized members of Jewish society.

Based on her cogent statements on the attack on the Capitol, Bechhofer and Kivelevitz invite Rebbitzen Shani Bechhofer to comment on the misinformation and controversy surrounding the events on January 6th in Washington.

The three discussants share their thoughts as to whether the statements of disapproval and condemnation issued by Orthodox Rabbinical Organizations have gone far enough in demarking what should be our stand and public face. Kivelevitz claims that while glaringly obvious, the President should have been singled out by name.

Rebbetzin Bechhofer argues forcefully that Trump's remaining in office is a disgrace and could lead to more dangerous incidents and unethical political shenanigans.

She fears that an impeachment process, however, would cloud the real investigation that needs to happen and jarringly polarize the two parties in a way that strongly impedes further progress.

The Bechhofers are asked about the charges made by many that the rioters were treated with undue restraint that would never been afforded a BLM mob.

Kivelevitz further asks the couple to comment on the point made by some in the Orthodox community and beyond, that last summers riots were not condemned by all parties or aggressively dealt with, despite the great property loss and violence that was caused by the protesters.

The podcast ends with a look forward to next week's program, launching our series of deep dives into alternative histories. 


  1. I mention in the podcast that I am sure that Rabbi Kelemer zt"l was a member of the Telshe secret society. This was confirmed to me in ylct"a Rabbi Chaim Walkin's hesped in which he mentioned that his brother in law carried the "degel" - a reference to the inner circle of the society. From my Telshe article:

    Within the elite of the Agudah there was an even higher elite: those who bore the "degel" (flag) of the yeshiva. To join this circle, a chaver had to undergo a nisayon, a test, for a certain period. The test seemed simple: Consistent kevias ittim leTorah, setting daily time for Torah study, with no exceptions at all, even and especially for chaverim already out in the field. In a 1926 lecture, Reb Avrohom Yitzchok undertook to explain why an Agudah that demanded: "unique, original and comprehensive self perfection in Torah and life, and much avoda for our whole nation; whose ultimate purpose is to bring new life to our nation's spirit; to reveal a new light in Torah and da'as Hashem; and, through all this to renew the life of the nation upon its ancient foundations and return the crown to its old lustre, had chosen as its flag a matter that is universally accepted? That, it seems, reveals none of our special character and ultimate purpose?"


  2.  for the record While it lacks the significance and symbolism of the capitol the Senate Hart office building was overwhelmed by a  bigger Lefty Democrat mob  two years ago during the Kavanaugh  hearings


  3. As Rahm Emanuel says: never Miss taking political advantage of a crisis

    ignorant silly parroting apropo though
    They are trying to turn the riots into a stain on the whole Republican Party
    Going through the the American Media & Co.
    been  hacking around the last few days realizing a lot of Americans are apt to perceive of the riots as something important almost a turning point but possibly to walk away with the "wrong message"
    These riots and the spirits that drive them are something to consider as many belatedly are beginning to and willing to perceive the whole social fabric has been pulled out – and who is primarily responsible?!–from under
    And for them that is extremely worrying
    The Primal drive that animated America has gone  amok, that much is obvious 
    That this is rather a belated manifestation of what they've caused over the past decade and more is less clear to most
    who is going to bear the weight of responsibility and punishment for it still up in the air

    The riot was overdue, however the attempt to Tar and paint it
    –  a former virtual never Trumper
    And before the event and it's unfortunate  climax I opposed going  unpopularly  terming it partaking in Seudas Achashverosh

  4. The nations of Canaan were tolerant and pluralistic. Were they ever termed Medina Shel Chessed?
    when America-and a bit prior to that your own state-crossed over from being a Medina Shel Chessed to being a Canaan, where were you? fiddling while America burned? now you're whining? Over the people's inner turmoil exploding?!
    Re: extremism
    “Extremism in defense of
    [Emes ]
    is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.”