Friday, March 10, 2017

Toras Purim: Snippets from 5757-5759

Upon my sending him my Toras Purim 5762-5767,  a talmid (now a great talmid chochom) sent me the following:

I happen to remember a few small bits and pieces of things that I heard from you at the end of your Purim Seudos between תשנז-ט.

I suspect that you probably were too drunk to remember what you had said so I thought I would write it down.  Maybe you’ll remember how to fill in the pieces.

One year you talked about ותלבש אסתר מלכות. That according to the Sefarim HaKedoshim this is Middas Malchus.  You then described Middas Malchus as a periscope. However, I don’t remember hearing what you meant by that.

One year you talked about the Gr”a about the kadma vazla on נערה ונערה  as opposed to the munachim on תר אסתר בת אביחל you explained that the middah of a Jew is to do everything במתינות in order to be sure that it is Ratzon Hashem.

You connected this to a Yerushalmi in Orlah about a tree that was mostly uprooted from  the ground but was still connected by a small root how thick must that root be. There was a de'ah that also describes the root with a world related to מתון.

You then explained how this is based on the mitzvah of orlah and connected it to the pesukim שלש שנים יהיה ערלים. 

You also noted that one of the three message of אנשי כנסת הגדולה - הוי מתנונים בדין.

And I think you explained that this was a broad message to every Jew for the מתינות   before all actions to make sure they are Ratzon Hashem.

Have a Good Shabbos and a Freilichin Purim.

New note: One can link matanos with metinus!

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