Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Toras Purim 5778 part 3: Shatnez (with some Marei Mekomos)

An astute commenter directed me to Rabbi Akiva Males article at:

on the Rema, Orach Chaim 696:8:

 ... and regarding the customs of people wearing masks on Purim, as well as a man wearing a woman’s garments, and a woman a man’s garment – there is no prohibition in the matter since their intentions are for mere rejoicing. This is also true regarding the wearing of garments containing Rabbinically prohibited mixtures of wool and linen. There are some authorities who forbid this, but the practice is according to the first theory. Similarly, people who snatch items from one another while rejoicing do not transgress the prohibition of “Thou shall not steal.” This is what has become the custom – providing that one does nothing which has been deemed improper according to the community’s leaders.

Lefi devarenu, the reason for the minhag is clear. Rabbi Males makes a similar point u'baruch she'kivanti. There is, however, not so much overlap between our discourses as you may think. ;-) Check it out!

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