Friday, August 05, 2005

PDF Address for Rabbi Schiller's Essay


  1. Thanks, RYGB. B'li neder, I'll read RMS's review, and I look forward to your comments on it.

    For those not familiar with the AishDas Society: approx. 2 years ago, some interesting TIDE-related posts (and don't forget to look at previous posts, too) were sent to Avodah. IMHO, they're worth reading (so why not read 'em now? ;-)).

  2. What are the two minor points you disagree with?


  3. 1. His assessment of YU's compatibility with TIDE.

    2. The treatment of Eretz Yisrael in TIDE.

  4. From Avodah:

    Yosef Gavriel & Shoshanah M. Bechhofer wrote:

    >> Rabbi Mayer Schiller has written a very important essay on TIDE. For the
    >> most part, we are in agreement, except for two points. The essay can be
    >> found in PDF at:

    I "took home" two points:

    1- I was particularly taken by the following (taken from pg 20-21):
    Lehavdil, there are Mennonites today who have left their own ghetto
    without weakening their faith. They serve mankind as peacemakers
    and bringers of kindness throughout the world. They may be found in
    the hills of the Balkans and the streets of Belfast and, yes, in the
    improverished hovels of Gaza City and Hebron trying to bring peace
    and love to all while ministering to the gashmiyus needs of those
    suffering. Is that not a noble image for an am Hashem? Imagine, just
    for a moment, if we could be performing those tasks for all, while
    articulating and defending traditional morality in the public square.

    That, to Rav Hirsch, was how we were to respond to the fall of the ghetto
    walls. Derekh Eretz not only in what we take from the world at large,
    but what we give back to it.

    2- I never before considered the implications of emracing both Austritt
    and RSRH's humanism. There's a border here that needs more exploring.

    This is also a potential difference between TIDE and TuM. TuM's more
    academicly oriented "mada" leads one to ivory towers, not grass roots


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  5. i thoroughyl enjoyed the essay but i was slighlty taken aback at the advocation of a very left wing position (represented by oz veshalom etc.),which i feel to be drstically mistaken (wven for the purpose of advancing our humantstic mission). i also have to disagree with rabbi shchiller's refusal to differentiate between TuM and TIDE, which are indeed different (rabbi schiller's critique of the JO article on TuM is mumlatz).i think there are very real differences in the approach to torah lishma, with TuM being much closer to the nefesh hachaim than TIDE. i also think that the need for vocational yeshivos may well be rejected by the yeshiva world from a hashkafic perspective. rav deelser talks about this in cheilek daled, and says that anything which may influence the top students to be mitrashel in their studies cannot be advocated even if it will help the less able.(however see orchos rabbeinu chelek 5 for a different viewpoint.all in all though, a great article.

  6. I agree with all that you write. A minor correction: The famous piece in Rav Dessler is in volume 3, not 4, somewhere in the early 300's (p. 323, perhaps?).