Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Interesting Question, My Question in Response

Hi Rebbe, long time no speak. I basically finished the law review article that I had asked you some questions about and I will send it to you shortly. On a different subject, I was wondering what you think about whether a person would have the din of a masis (an idoltrious missionary) if he or she is masis through a sign or website (a ksivah) as opposed to an amirah (speech). The torah says the masis will say it and the mishnaic example is saying, but I can't seem to find anyone hwo expounds on it to see whether other types of incitful behaviour is included, thanks.

A din of meisis requires solicitation, and writing is at best argumentation, no?


  1. Firstly, I had no idea rebbe had a blog. Quite the interesting pursual of technological advancement for the dispersing of your Torah. I happened upon it through being bored in class. Secondly, if I knew you posted emails on this blog I would mind my spelling.

  2. I left the post anonymous so that no one had to know who made the typos. Holeich rachil megaleh sod :-)

    L'etzem ho'inyan, I found some interesting stuff which I'll put into a separate post on the blog.