Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bnei Bina Yemei Shemonah

As is well known, the reference to Binah linked to eight is grounded in Bina being the eighth sefirah from the bottom up (is'arusa d'l'sata). That is because hisbonenus lifts a person above the system of sevens that represents teva regulating avodah (olam ha'asiya) to the higher realm in which avodah regulates teva (olam ha'yetzirah, see MME vol. 1). That is th level of the bechinah of "Me she'amar la'shemen v'yidlok yomar la'chometz v'yidlok," This taps into one of the standard answers to th Bais Yosef's question on the eight days - viz., the nes is megaleh that teva itself is just an expression of Ratzon Hashem.

The eighth pasuk in the Torah is the one in which the rakia' is called Shomayim (the highest realm of which is the eighth level that is represented by the Ches in the Echad of Shma). The misbonen can see Shomayim "behind" the Artziyus, thus attaining the bechinah of Yiras Shomayim.

Bina is related to Binyan, construction, as Chochmoh, knowledge, is but unconstructed raw material that is crafted into Da'as by Binah. However, in the order of sefiros from the bottom up, there is no Da'as, and Chochmoh is higher than Binah. Why? Because there is a higher Chochmoh that transcends sheer data, which is called "Koach Mah (כח מ"ה)" (see Machsheves Charutz 37b). Thus, the seder is to come from the highest of the lower seven sefiros - Chesed - through the bechinah of "Key amarti olam chesed yibaneh" - to be misbonein in the Chesed that is the bedrock of the world, and construct one's perception to the higher bechinah of Chochmoh as Koach Mah - the realization that all Creation is in the bechinah of "Nachnu Mah" - Yeish mei'ayin, so that one who is nosei eynaim to Hashem will get ezer from the bechina of Ayin (see ibid. 16b). That is why in the array of numerical values of the spelled out Shem Havayah (45, 52, 63, 72), the 52 is k'neged Olam Ha'Asiyah, while the 45 is k'neged Olam Ha'Yetzirah - the hisbonenus in Mah Rabbu Ma'asecha Hashem is the binyan by which one attains the level of Chochmah Ilo'oh and the level at which nissim transpire.*

The basic building block (literally) of Binyan is an Even, a stone. Even=53, The fifty-third pasuk in the Torah is "Vayiven es ha'tzela" - the Binyan of the Binah Yeseriah.

Tein 'chacham v'yechkam od!

ספר בני יששכר - מאמרי חדשי כסלו טבת - מאמר ג *
מה) נוסח הברכה להדליק נר חנוכה, לפי מה שכתב האריז"ל לכוין בתיבת להדלי"ק (עם הכולל) בגימ' ע"ב ס"ג מ"ה (ותיבת נ"ר הכוונה על ב"ן, וכולם בגימ' יה"י או"ר), הנה צריכין להוסיף כולל על תיבת להדליק, ולפי זה יעלה מספר תיבת להדלי"ק נ"ר חנוכ"ה בגימ' או"ר חד"ש, להורות שהוא הארה מן האור חדש אשר הש"י יאיר על ציון ב"ב, ואעפ"כ הוא חסר אחד, להורות שעדיין חסר מאתנו האור עד אשר יתגלה בציון ב"ב, והנס הזה היה לשעתה הארה מאותו האור וניתקן לדורות לקבל הארה מאותו האור לטוב לנו כל הימים, גם כל ימי משך גלותינו עד יגאלנו גאולת עולם ב"ב אמן: