Sunday, April 17, 2016

R' Noah Weinberg's Lakewood Seminar

Best Seminar on Judaism Ever!
A mother-lode I have been mining for over 30 years!

6-Part Kiruv Training_ RNW

From the Aish blurb - 100% true!

Kiruv Training  Seminar by Rabbi Noah Weinberg zt"l 
 This 6-talk series was presented to the advanced rabbinical students of Lakewood Yeshiva, New Jersey. The sessions focus on the full array of issues raised by today's questioning youth. This is probably Rabbi Weinberg's most comprehensive explanation of the principles of kiruv - and is considered his most brilliant performance.

Update, in response to a comment: The policy at is that your first five downloads are free. So, if you download the series from the link above, and have not previously used up your free downloads from aishaudio, you are not causing them any loss of profit for the first five parts. For the sixth part you should pay. I myself bought the tapes years ago, and I believe that it is Halachically permissible, once you have paid for the series once, to download it again in other forms.