Monday, November 28, 2005

Non-Jewish Residents and Owner — Eruvin 62a

Non-Jewish Residents and OwnerEruvin 62a

תלמוד בבלי מסכת עירובין דף סב/א

דכולי עלמא דירת עובד כוכבים לא שמה דירה

From The Contemporary Eruv:

The Gemara explains that, strictly speaking, the domain of a non-Shomer Shabbos resident should not prevent a fellow resident from carrying on Shabbos within the enclosed area that they share. The Halacha remains that whenever a single Jewish individual or family shares the enclosed area with any number of non-Jews, no sechiras reshus is required. For example, in the case of a triplex, there are several possible configurations: a) Three Jewish families; b) Two Jewish (Shomer Shabbos) families and one non-Jewish family; c) One Jewish family and two non-Jewish families. In the first configuration only eruvei chatzeiros among the three families is required. In the second configuration we would require the two Jewish families to make an eruvei chatzeiros between themselves and to contract a sechiras reshus from the non-Jewish family as well. In the third configuration we would require no additional procedures at all. The solitary Jewish family needs make neither eruvei chatzeiros nor sechiras reshus. We can easily apply the principles that we have just outlined to apartment buildings and other situations where more people reside together within an enclosed area.

A potential consequence of this Halacha applies if one has the misfortune to land in an airport (outside the State of Israel) after Shabbos has begun. If, as often happens, one can walk within an uninterrupted enclosed area from the airplane, through the terminal, to an attached hotel, one may carry one's luggage the entire way. Different authorities might own these areas. Since, however, their status is one of exclusive non-Jewish ownership, no sechiras reshus is necessary to carry from one area to another.


  1. Even if the asaid airport was owned by jews i dont see how that would affect carrying. this would be because an airport is clearly a dira b'lo baylim, and no eruv or sechirus is neccasry regardless of who owns it.
    am i making a mistake?

  2. I did not mean to leave the impression that it makes a difference if the airport is "owned" by a non-Jew or a Jew.

  3. thak you the reply. would it make a differance if there were already jews renting rooms in the hotel?

  4. No, since the hotel has tefisas yad in all the rooms.

  5. why would it make a differance if one were to land in an airport in isreal, arent we talking about a dira blo ba'lim?
    this is an extention of my original question. im sorry i dident understand your answer. :(

  6. okay, thanks for clarifiying.
    i guess it was this sentence that was confusing me: A potential consequence of this Halacha applies if one has the misfortune to land in an airport (outside the State of Israel) after Shabbos has begun.