Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tzimtzum K'Peshuto

At some point in the past (I do not remember in regard to which post), I had the following exchange:

From: "Yosef Gavriel & Shoshanah M. Bechhofer"
To: [name deleted]
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 18:20:14 -0500

>At 11:45 AM 3/30/2005, you wrote:
>On your blog you [that's me- YGB] wrote:

Tzimtzum thus is the result - the void - which occurs after Hashem removed His presence from the conscious dimension of existence (could be that we speak about Tzimtzum with the tzaddi preceding the mem because we do not, C"V, which to imply that Hashem truly extracted His presence from the Beriyah, but rather that our perception is that that is the case.

> Is this a way of saying tzimtzum aino kipshuto? If that is what you meant to say then why write C"V
> as if to imply that tzimtzum kipshuto is somehow a heretical belief? (I would hope that is not what you meant.)
> [name deleted]

To which I responded:

I do believe tzimtzum k'peshuto is heretical (or, at least, close to it). I do not think anyone really holds of tzimtzum k'peshuto.

To which my correspondent just responded:

but see:

It is indeed worth looking there - note that the assertion that Misnagdim held of tzitmtzum k'peshuto is not sourced. I continue to maintain (along with Rav Dessler) that there is no such opinion.

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