Sunday, December 23, 2007

Reb Avrohom Elya Kaplan's Music

The musical notations for three compositions of Reb Avrohom Elya's are printed in B'Ikvos HaYirah. One of my Ohr Somayach talmidim, who is now in Semicha at RIETS, Shabi Elashvili,was kind enough to do arrangements for them on keyboard. Reb Micha Berger has posted them in streaming audio on our Aishdas RAEK site,
They are:

1. LaDor (lyrics are at:

2. Regendiel. A yiddish children's song.

The words are:
רעגן, רעגן, רעגענדיל, כ'בין א קליינער מענשעלע,

כ'לאז זיך מיר בערעגענען, כ'ווייס קיין חכמות ניט,

כ'האב געהאט מאמעניו האט זי מיר געזאגט:

מיין קינד, זיי נור גוט און פרום און מעהר ווייס קיין חכמות ניט.

3. Shir Ha'Ma'alos. My great uncle, Reb Yosef Dov HaLevi Holzberg zt"l, a tried and trued Telzer, would always sing Shir Ha'Ma'alos to this tune:


  1. "Shir HaMaalos" is an amazingly deep song! Is there any way I could see (or hear) how the words are sung to it?

  2. I will bl'n scan and upload the sheet music tomorrow

  3. Thank you for making it available. I like "Shakah Chamah" also, even though it's a sad song.