Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Survey of the Students in our MTA "Jewish Thought Through Film" Class



  2. Why not?! Both the boys and the colleagues are great!

  3. you know why you think the derech is treif read my post to the way torah is learned i am sure the boys are great i know their parents they want them to be frum rz not agudah ohr somach notice how you did not compliment the administration or the gedolim at yu RHS, Rmw that is bacuse yhey are not your gedolim you have no bussiness being there i can get you a job at kol yackov with tropper or ycb

  4. read what I wrote in your The way to learn

  5. I disagree. There is no mossad in the world that precisely fits the philosophy of *any* person who is into "thinking" at all. Much as I try to recreate it from time to time in the pages of the JO, the Agudist/PAI perspective that dovetails most closely with my personal perspectives is long dead and buried. So, l'mai nafka mina if they'll be Frum RZ and not classic Agudist? Certainly Frum RZ is far closer to my mind and to my heart than the positions taken by some of the other mosdos you mention.

    Moreover, fundamentally, it does not matter to me so much "Hashkafa" - as Rav Wolbe zt"l writes, "Kol hashkofo she'ba'Torah l'ro'oh chut mei'hashkifah me'me'on kodshecho." The Talmidim B"H have she'ifos l'Torah u'l'Avodas Hashem and for Yiras Shomayim as well - and they are thoughtful and see their Rabbeim as role models. Beat that!

  6. I think you're thrown off by the film curriculum - this was *not* for my shiur - high 10th grade - but for the two lowest 12th grades. The audiences are k'rochok mizroch me'ma'arov - although kullam ahuvim, just in very different ways.

  7. In mo today people think to be frum is to be agudah. I want my children and school to be Frum RZ. I want my child to wear a knitted kipa and have achdus with hesder why cant i have that in MTA? you admit that a rabbi who wears a knitted kippah is a role model for some people. THe Rw thinks a knitted kippah is a sign of being less relgious. I know R. Goldvict is frum.PAI is dead and agudah is anti rz I lived in brookyn and went to ytv elem. I studied in a yeshiva in israel with a big student of RWOLBEztl not a kind word about Rav KOOkztl RYSBztl RHS shilta told ne to read what r,Schwab wrote about him. We do not want this for our children. RHS gives a lot of signf. to the state.

  8. But I also studied with a big student of R' Wolbe - R' Meir Shlesinger, my Rebbe and RY at Sha'alvim - and he had lots of kind words to say about everybody! V'kein kibbalti.

  9. That is my point If there role models are anti rz so will they be. Oh, its not so bad to rject RZ look at my rebbi. MTA should have rebbim that are in the derch of the yeshiva it does call itself a RZ school and if it is not let us know we will go somewhere else If I want Yated I could send my kids to YCB or charedi light Chofetz chaim and we can stop tricking everyone some of your Rebbi friends talk out against RZ in their shiurim think it is treif are rabbis in shuls that dont even have YH YR on the calendar do not daven for the medinah or even the IDF. We do not want that for our children RHS celebrates these holidays how dare a graduate from yu ignore these days how dare a person like this be a rebbi in mta and be outspoken on his views on young kids parents told me their children are confused one parent told me that they thank hashem that he is out of this rebbis class and still has a yu derech who pays his checks. This rebbi is not you and this will not stand. Because many will not come. Charedi Rabbis should teach elsewhere

  10. I hope that means respect for Rav Tzvi Yehduahztletc

    Rz is not in your blood and that will be passed on to the kids then I will have to fight to make a misb. for the idf in my shul like i did in Brooklyn because all the yu right became agudah

    You know that a charedi person will never say charedi posek says X RHS says Y they never let him into the game and you know it!! We want our children to be frum RZ not agudah. I do not care what lakewood thinks
    I do not care what RAS at YCB thinks

    I do not care what yated thinks! I do not care what Rschachztl thought.

    I care what Rkooketc thought
    I want my kids to learn about RAl, RAS, RMW, yes Rav Goren, Rav Herzog, Rav goldvict rav E Solv from landers, Rav unterman, Rav Shapiro, Rav ME may he have a refuah shelmah, the NAZIR, Shear Yashuv,Rav Getz,Rav Elon, Rav Tzvi yehuda, Rav Dori,Rav Ariel, Rav Arielli, Rav Lifshutz, eretz chemdah Rav Sherlow, rav aviner I do not care about the charedi world they do not respect my gedolim because they are zionists. I want my child in yeshiva to learn about them I am sticking up for torah and gedoly yisreal who will you?
    Rav herzog supported the prayer for the state? He was not a gaodol? I am sure that RHS thinks so. I do not need their hecsher to follow these rabbis if we can not get in mta we will go elsewhere
    They do not exist in a charedi school
    Do your students know about R. Rothztl Rkasher ztl etc RYBSztl not the rev make up. I read kol dodi, and chamesh I read what RAL wrote defending him and his zionism
    and yes Rav Druckman!! who I meet many times I have one cousin in his hesder yeshiva
    MTA BOY do you know these gedolim or do you look to lakewood? from a yu school
    Do you teach them in your shiur?

  11. You really don't know who you're dealing with. Let's put it this way, if you want your kids to learn about all these people in a meaningful way, I think I am perhaps the only Rebbe in North America to wish you can send them!

  12. But do you support them or attack them? Why should MTA be so open is YCB open we need frum RZ MO BOYS to. Why cant we say that all Mta rebbis have to follow the haskafa of RHS shilta in RCB all rebbim follow RAS why cant we be like them when I went to MTA on YH half the Rabbis did not come to davening hey RHs says you can do it do not like it leave This MTA boys graduate and on YH we can not get a minyan in our shul we want to be Rz you have not adressed that these "rabbis " are our gedloim either you are with them or mot you have not adressed anything I said including the prayer for the IDF

  13. We support all derachim that are motivated by true Emunah and Avodas Hashem.

    We should be more open than other institutions because:

    1. We are better than they are.
    2. We are not afraid that exposure to their ideas will sway us from our profound understandings.

  14. you are talking in code words do you beleve a RZ derech is within halacha. CMON must of YU is anti RZ again you have not commented on my prayer for the idf is that within torah
    This is what all charedi BT yeshivas say I will go to Os in monsey and look myself for a sefer on R kook RYBS and on anything positive about the medinah i bet i will find none and only the JO no JA

    you did not comment to you support these gedolim or nor? or when you teach them you say but we should and believe this like good agudahnicks ......

  15. I read what you wrote about RZ does not sound like RHS or RMW or RAL or Rgoldvictsetc derech

  16. 1. Religious Zionism can be a legitimate and praiseworthy derech in Avodas Hashem.

    2. The tefillah for the IDF can be a legitimate and praiseworthy bakashah of Hashem.

    3. You should come to OS in Monsey and spend some time, you'd enjoy it. I give shiur (usually) M&W evenings from 7:30 to 8:30.

  17. I might can be means you are against and you did not mention the prayer for the medinah and it has many forms remember who instituted it R. Herzogztl

    what do you mean the prayer for the idf could be? you teach in mta lets ask rhs and rgoldvict