Sunday, October 31, 2010

A great story I was told this morning that I tracked down through Google Books

page 10 in:


  1. I didn't know it was available at Google books. I saw it at

    I thought the story in the next paragraph was interesting, too.

    So what does this all mean to you? That women should be taught and should teach? Pasken? Say dei'os about the tzibbur? Or do you see this as a historical anomaly, a curiosity, an aberration?

  2. I think that women should learn, teach and pasken. I think that the current Orthodox resistance to this idea is an mindless manifestation of the unfortunate Chasidic coup d'etat that has supplanted the tradition of Litteh, and substituted it with an ersatz tradition of enforced feminine ignorance, a burka for the mind.

  3. Furthermore, I think that it is only lack of confidence in their own scholarship that induces men to create artificial barriers to dialogue and competition. It is evidence of desperation, of the emperor having no clothes, of a house of cards. If all that mattered were logic and scholarship, gender would be irrelevant.