Sunday, January 12, 2014

Further Correspondence with the Rivevos Ephraim: Kos shel Bracha Issues

In this case, I have the original of the letter I sent the RE:

The questions were:

1. Can one say Birkas HaMazon al ha'kos on a cup of coffee?

2. Why does Reb Moshe say that a Se'udas Bas Mitzvah is not a Se'udas Mitzvah, if the Ben Ish Chai says any birthday should be celebrated?

3. In a yeshiva, where one bachur is being motzi everyone in Kiddush, what is the proper manner in which the other bachurim should conduct themselves in regard to wine at their own tables (assuming they will not receive wine from the Mekaddesh)?

In his response below, he answers no. 1, then no. 3, and then essentially dismisses no. 2 (not without reason - for why should Reb Moshe be beholden by the Ben Ish Chai!):


  1. You kept a copy of your letter? Or he sent it back?

  2. Copy. Those were the days of carbon paper. I wonder if you can even buy carbon paper anymore!