Monday, February 04, 2019

The Rambam and Kabbalah

I stumbled across this interesting Torah Sheleimah on the Rambam and Kabbalah, on Shabbos.

Fortunately, I shared it with my talmidim Meir Machlin and Yoni Rovt, because today I could not recall where it was in the sefer and Yoni did! 

Meir took these pictures for me. 

The first is of the entire page, the second is of the specific section, enlarged.

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  1. The Leshem noticed that there is not that much difference between the Or Ein Sof penetrating down through the olamos and the Rambam's Metaphysics of a chain of intellects down from the Borei to us. He managed to create an understanding of the Gra's derekh of Qabbalah that draws heavily from the Moreh Nevuchim.

    I only saw the Lashem's Haqdamos uKelalim, but it was the only variant of Qabbalah that really appealed to the Engineer in me. (Until I started grappling with Eitz Chaim shaar 49, pereq 3, and now Zohar cheileq I daf 47a. Now I'm not sure what to think bichlal.)