Friday, March 26, 2021

Machine Matzo and Murder


The Controversy surrounding machine matzo is well known. See:

However, it struck me this morning that if you hold machine matzo is invalid, you probably could never impose the death penalty on someone who commits murder with a gun!

At "best" it may be garmi.

It seems that it would not be considered koach rishon. Even if it were, in order to be liable you may have to have first immobilized the victim.

Best just to hold that machine matzos are suitable for the mitzvah.



  1. My cousin, HoRav Avrohom Wagner shlita, wrote me: "I believe R’ Hillel Zaks zt”l klehr’d whether one could be mekayeim the mitzvah of mechiyas Amalek with a gun for this very reason." Gevaldig!