Thursday, August 11, 2022

Story Sanz Klausenburg Rebbe in Auschwitz - And Beyond

I am not going to debate whether he was justified in turning down the treif or not. It is a very moving clip regardless.

The nekudah that dejected me the most was how our generation missed the boat of heroism that the Rebbe zy"a displayed after the War rebuilding the She'eris HaPleitah.

אנן קטלי קניא באגמא אנן

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  1. Sorry, I got caught up on the question you raised just to dismiss...

    Was the Shoah a she'as hashemad? If yes, then it would be appropriate to refuse treif. On the other hand, since abandoning Yahadus wouldn't have saved someone, I am not sure it actually was a she'as hashemad.

    A proposal for a different post, so we can use this one (once you delete this comment) to just dwell on the holy emotional instincts that came up in the moment.