Monday, October 11, 2010

A She'eilah I was asked as Hoshanna Rabba turned into Shemini Atzeres

Someone said in Ya'aleh v'Yavo of Mincha on Hoshanna Rabba, just before the onset of Shemini Atzeres, SA instead of Sukkos. What is the halacha? I could not find anyone who discusses it directly. But acharei ha'iyun there are two tzedadim to be lenient:

1. The shittah that so long as you said YvY it is considered mei'ein ha'meora, even if you mentioned the wrong mo'ed.

2. That the Mincha was after plag, and therefore at a time suitable to be mekabbel SA anyway.


  1. Is there really no one who asked about saying the Pesach insert on Sukkos or vice verse?

  2. What if the the "real" SA is the next day?

  3. 1. R' Akiva Eiger on Shulchan Aruch OC 487 discusses it. IIRC, The MB does not rule in accordance with RAE, and the AhS omits the issue. But I could be wrong, that's from memory.

    2. The real SA is definitely the first day. The nature of the takkanah of YT Sheni is to continue the behavior in practice when it was a sfeika d'yoma, even though it no longer is one.